Work Most Common Cause Of Stress In The UK

Work stress affects 59 per cent of people in the UK, a new survey has revealed, making it the most common kind of stress in the country.

Perkbox’s 2018 Workplace Stress Survey found that family and money worries were also frequently cited as causes of stress (46 per cent and 45 per cent of respondents named these respectively). Health stress and relationship stress completed the top five.

When it came to work stress though, some professions were more likely to be affected than others. The sector with the most stressed employees was named as finance, followed closely by local and national government, and health.

There was also a clear difference in terms of departments within companies as well - those working in sales, for example, are most likely to feel stressed, with 79 per cent of those in this profession stating that they suffered from work-related stress.

By contrast, only 54 per cent of people working in facilities reported experiencing work-related stress.

Stress can have a detrimental impact on a number of areas of our lives, from causing us to lose sleep to making us less productive when we are at work. Recognising when you are feeling stressed and finding the most appropriate way to deal with that are among the challenges.

Seeking out the support of a Manchester counselling service is one option if you feel as though you are failing to properly manage your stress and are worried that it might get on top of you.

A survey commissioned for Wrike recently found that one of the main causes of workplace stress was increased expectations over the speed at which they had to deliver work, Workplace Insight reported.

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