What Is Micro-Cheating?

If you are seeking the best couples counselling Manchester has to offer, then there are a number of reasons you could be seeking help.

A recent concept to emerge in the world of relationships and relationship advice is micro-cheating. Many articles have been run on the concept of micro-cheating, and asking what constitutes this. However, we suggest the problem is not so much micro-cheating, but unrealistic expectations of relationships in the first place.

Recent articles have argued that micro-cheating includes everything from texting someone else you have feelings for, all the way through to hiding the fact that you are married. A lot of the behaviours that are being classified as micro-cheating can essentially be boiled down to not putting your significant other first.

One of the problems with the concept of micro-cheating is that they can impose unrealistic expectations on a relationship. It is unlikely that neither partner will ever have their heads turned by another person, and it is unlikely that neither partner will ever have other priorities that may become a distraction at times.

One of the best ways to approach one of the many situations people consider micro-cheating is to first consider if your expectations are unrealistic? This can be helped by attending therapy sessions, as a couple of individually in order to work through what your expectations of your relationship are, and how these do or don’t marry up with your partner’s.

Hopefully, better communication to express the expectations people have in a relationship, and explore ways to either meet or adjust them.

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