Losing the Fear

Often when we feel anxious or panicky, it is brought on by the very thought of something unpleasant. It could be something you are thinking about in the past or something you anticipate for the future.

Either way, the very idea of this thought is enough to make you have a panic attack, or feel very unwell. Often when I have spoken to clients they tell me the fear of feeling panicky is so scary that they would never contemplate thinking of doing the unpleasant task.                         

So what if we could get rid of the FEAR that’s making us so scared? When we are afraid, we often want to run away from our fear, whether this is physical or mental.

It seems too much to confront, far too scary. Having someone to listen to you, either a good friend or counsellor can be an enormous help, but what if you don’t have this – can you help yourself?

 The simple answer is yes: the fear is in our mind, so only we can give permission to allow this thought to float away. Of course, often we have had these fears for so long it may seem impossible to change that.

Try this simple exercise when you’re feeling well.

Sit down with paper and pen.

Write down what your fear is – does it make sense to you?

Look at how realistic is your fear – is it likely to happen again?

Imagine what your life would be like not having this fear.

Close your eyes and feel how wonderful it would be to release this fear… to feel fear-free!

The more you imagine being fear-free, the more it will be a reality for you.

There are many positive lectures on YouTube, and the internet talking about this subject. Don’t put up with this any longer, you are entitled to a happy calm life.


Beverley Sandler


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