How Can You Be Mindful at Work?

Your difficult work situation may be driving you to getting counselling in Manchester, but have you considered how you could try to be mindful at work as well?

Over 12 million work days were lost to stress in 2016/17, and of course much of the stress experienced by workers may have been caused by the work itself.

Common causes of stress at work include workloads, bullying, changes to working patterns and general work culture.

If you are someone who is working in a difficult working environment and finding this has become an issue for your mental health, then you may want to try mindfulness at work.

Try these tips:

  • Be consciously present: This means doing your work with purpose and making a clear decision to give your full attention to all the tasks you work on.
  • Be a single tasker: Don’t switch rapidly between tasks, and if you work in an environment where you are rapidly asked to change tasks or change your priorities, challenge this and put boundaries in place.
  • Carry out short mindfulness tasks: You may want to carry out some mindfulness tasks during the day, but won’t have time for a full half hour. Try a couple of minutes at a time and put reminders on your phone to remind you to do them.
  • Don’t back away from stress: You will experience some stress and pressure, Welcome it, rather than push it away. Realise it is transitory and will help you focus and then move on.

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