Bereavement Counselling Improves Wellbeing, Study Finds

A study of 300 people conducted by Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland has found that having bereavement counselling can help people cope with grief and improve their overall wellbeing.

STV News reported on the findings, which were gathered over the course of five years. The study has been able to show that those who receive counselling are better off than those who choose not to access help and rely instead on the passing of time to ease their grief.

Chairwoman of the charity Christine McLintock commented: “This is breakthrough research because unresolved bereavement issues can have a long-term negative impact on both physical and mental health.”

The study also found that people living at or below the poverty line were more likely to experience complicated grief than those who were better off financially.

According to the charity, complicated grief is when people feel unable to recover from the loss they’ve suffered and often continue to feel the intense and overwhelming emotions associated with the early stages of grief for a much longer period.

Ms McLintock added that counselling “reduces symptoms of complicated grief significantly”. Given that complicated grief is associated with a higher risk of earlier death, as well as heart disease, increased absence from work and suicide, helping people manage these emotions after a bereavement is important.

If you feel that you would benefit from contacting a counselling service in Manchester about your bereavement, whether it happened recently or some time ago, get in touch today to access the support you need.

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