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Young Persons Counselling

For many young people their teenage years can be very difficult to get through. To some, there seems a mind field of things to understand. Going from childhood to young adulthood seems to bring its own challenges and confronts. For some it can be a very lonely place.  You may not find it easy to talk to a family member or friend.  Peer pressure can seem an enormous challenge, wanting to fit in, physically and emotionally, dealing with situations at school, college or while out socialising. For some young people they may experience bullying or suffer from low self-esteem, depression,...

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What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching can be similar to counselling in the fact that the life coach will spend time listening and encouraging you to talk about what it is you want from your life, and how you would like it to be. You may have come to a crossroads in your life, a time for change. This may have been brought about by yourself or has been entrusted upon you. Change of job, children leaving home, bereavement, divorce. All through life we can go through changes, which can sometimes leave us feeling unsure of which way forward. Life Coaching can help you explore the possibilities of your life's...

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Corporate Supervision

Supervision in the workplace or corporate supervision can be a very good choice when trying to improve both productivity and also harmony and balance to both employees and employers. By looking at various aspects of the working environment and also the ethos of the individual, it can assist in creating a far better  working relationship and also improves both self-esteem and pride in the work done. Corporate supervision can help to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps to identify better working practice. It has led to far greater involvement in both new ideas and also in...

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Bullying in the workplace.

Bullying in the work place is quite common and often ignored or not recognised as bullying at all. It can make you feel worthless, sad or even depressed and is a major cause of anxiety.  We recognise the effects bullying can have on an individual and also on the productive output of a person as well. This can spiral and lead to many different results form poor self esteem and depression, to leaving a job you may have enjoyed in the past.  Bullying can be from a person in charge say you line manager for example or even from another work colleagues or a group.  Some...

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Personal Development Seminar. New Dates for 2012/2013

Due to  popular demand, we are pleased to announce our continuation of the Personal Developement Seminars Please join us on (Friends, partners and family all welcome to join us) Saturday 08th December 2012 Saturday 9th February 2013 Saturday 23rd March 2013   Here at 4 Therapy UK we are always looking at ways to help and improve people's lives. Our Personal Development Seminar is a programme we have devised which looks at how your mind works, and bringing in an awareness of human behaviour, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and...

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