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Celebrating 5 wonderful years in Whitefiled

Celebrating 5 wonderful years in Whitefield Back in 2008, in the height of the credit crunch, a few therapists were tired of working for agencies that had so many rules and regulations, they decided to work for themselves and open a collective therapeutic company. Of course many frowned on us and thought we were crazy, who would pay for counselling when money was so tight! As they say in the movies 'If you build it, they will come'. We believed in what the counselling process could provide. As we knew, that if you're battling with issue's that you cannot cope with,...

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Depression in the Armed Forces

The majority of military personnel do not experience mental health problems while they are in service, or subsequently in civilian life. However they face unique risks in service. The mental health problems experienced by military personnel are the same as the general population, although certain experiences during service and the transition to civilian life mean that their mental health may be prompted by different factors. Anger and depression, nightmares and substance abuse, family breakdown and even suicide are just some of the symptoms of military PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress...

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Spring Into A New You

Have the Life you want!   Be coached into a new way of thinking!    Spring into a new you this summer. Our special Life Coaching Sessions are available to you, from May 2014, at the amazing offer of just £40 per session when bought as a package of 4 sessions. (£160)    Feeling a little sluggish? Is life passing you by? Do you want more excitement, love a better job? So what's holding you back?   Life coaching sessions are designed to encourage, support and explore all the possibilities that are available to you to change...

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Virtual Therapy

We can all benefit from the use of modern technology and the internet. At 4 Therapy UK we are committed to using and offering the most effective and convenient way of communicating with our clients, whether that's face to face or via SKYPE through your computer, laptop, i-phone or other devices. Using SKYPE is not always the ideal option due to connectivity and/or broadband speed etc., however it does offer an alternative option if travelling or time is an issue.   Using a device with a camera can allow us to talk face to face, if not we can still speak or even use text. At...

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You may be reading this because you have a disability, or someone you love or are caring for has a disability, or maybe you have an interest in the issue.   It may be helpful to offer a definition of the words disability and impairment: Impairment can be defined as: the loss or limitation of physical, mental or sensory function. Disability can be defined as: a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. (Equality Act 2010) Disability may...

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