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Schools ‘Struggling’ To Provide Mental Health Support For Pupils

Prioritising mental health for pupils in schools across the UK may well be a top priority for teachers and those in the education sector, but it appears that it’s proving to be easier said than done at the moment. A new report from charity Place2Be has found that 45 per cent of school leaders are finding it difficult to bring in health support for children in their care, with 44 per cent admitting that one of the key barriers right now is knowing what kind of support is required for students. Chief executive of the charity Catherine Roche explained that schools are already under...

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Offering professional counselling services in and across Manchester

The issue of mental health has been big news recently, with various well-known figures talking about their battles with depression and anxiety. A new study says rates of anxiety and depression amongst the unemployed have risen by more than 50% during the past four years, with many government policies for the increase. The UK Council for Psychotherapy said measures such as cuts and sanctions were “having a toxic impact on mental health”. Analysis from NHS surveys said that 15.2 of unemployed people said they were experiencing severe or extreme anxiety or depression. Help is...

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Why people are embarrassed to say they have had therapy

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma around receiving mental health treatment even though growing numbers of people are speaking openly about their decision to seek help, including various high-profile figures. One reason for feeling embarrassed about undergoing therapy is the way some people associate poor mental health with weakness, whilst others still see people who receive support as violent, dangerous or even to blame for their plight. Getting the help that you need At 4TherapyUK, we are working hard to help end the stigma around mental health issues. Embarrassment or feelings...

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Top 5 most popular types of therapy

At 4TherapyUK, we deliver various types of psychological therapies to improve the mental health of people from all walks of life, of all ages. Let’s explore five of our most popular therapies. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT is designed to transform the way you think, feel and behave for the better and can treat numerous mental health and physical problems. In CBT, your therapist will try to understand your present thought patterns to challenge harmful, false and harmful ideas. It can be used to treat phobias, addictions, depression, anxiety and more. Wellness Coaching Our...

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How Counselling can help improve quality of life

How Counselling can help improve quality of life There are many advantages to undergoing counselling if you are experiencing problems with depression, anxiety or behaviours that you wish to change. Talking therapies have becoming incredibly popular over recent years and many people are benefitting from counselling instead of and alongside medication designed to improve mental health. Talking therapies are also called talking treatments and psychological therapies and they have been of benefit to people from all walks of life, of various ages. Many people find counselling more effective...

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