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Do Sports People Need Better Access To Counselling?

One rugby player has been speaking about his battle with a serious recurring knee injury, and suggested that counselling should be offered to all players suffering with a similar problem and facing time out from their sport. In an interview with the Guardian Dave Attwood, Bath second row who’s currently on loan at Toulon, spoke openly about his feelings when he was struggling to return to match fitness after suffering an injury at an England training camp. He explained that although you’re still involved with your club on a day-to-day level during your recovery, you have a...

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Work Most Common Cause Of Stress In The UK

Work stress affects 59 per cent of people in the UK, a new survey has revealed, making it the most common kind of stress in the country. Perkbox’s 2018 Workplace Stress Survey found that family and money worries were also frequently cited as causes of stress (46 per cent and 45 per cent of respondents named these respectively). Health stress and relationship stress completed the top five. When it came to work stress though, some professions were more likely to be affected than others. The sector with the most stressed employees was named as finance, followed closely by local and...

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What Is Micro-Cheating?

If you are seeking the best couples counselling Manchester has to offer, then there are a number of reasons you could be seeking help. A recent concept to emerge in the world of relationships and relationship advice is micro-cheating. Many articles have been run on the concept of micro-cheating, and asking what constitutes this. However, we suggest the problem is not so much micro-cheating, but unrealistic expectations of relationships in the first place. Recent articles have argued that micro-cheating includes everything from texting someone else you have feelings for, all the way...

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New Year, New You?

So we are just finding our feet as February is upon us, and already we are inundated with diet and exercise programmes on TV. The presenter seems to be earnestly exploring for us which is the best diet or exercise regime that will be the answer to all our problems. So we watch them light-heartedly and go about our business, maybe we will join a gym, or eat more veg, but the mode of our lives doesn’t change that much. So what would it be like to be totally happy with your body and mind? Is there a way to change habits of a lifetime? Well, the simple answer is there is, but...

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Losing the Fear

Often when we feel anxious or panicky, it is brought on by the very thought of something unpleasant. It could be something you are thinking about in the past or something you anticipate for the future. Either way, the very idea of this thought is enough to make you have a panic attack, or feel very unwell. Often when I have spoken to clients they tell me the fear of feeling panicky is so scary that they would never contemplate thinking of doing the unpleasant...

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