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Energy 4 Life - Wellness Coaching

As we go about our daily living, rushing from one job to another, it may feel like we are on a constant hamster wheel, round and round we go, with little deviation on a daily basis. The everyday stresses and anxieties taking its toll on our health and mind. The majority of us live out our lives being unaware of how we may be using or abusing our energy levels. We may want to feel fit and full of vitality, but often we find that we are stressed out, exhausted and tired. Financial issues, family problems and low self-esteem can all create an environment that can drain our natural energy...

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When we suffer from sleep deprivation

I hear time and time again clients say they do not sleep well, but seem to accept this as normal, and do not question the reason why. An adult should sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night. A recent article in The Guardian quoted 'Are we becoming a nation of insomniacs', questioning our sleep patterns and why we may be lacking in sleep and what effect it can have on our overall physical and mental health. There are many reasons that may keep us awake; it may be stress, anxiety, or depression, whatever it may be, thoughts that are circling your mind, will not let it rest and fall...

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Winter Blues - Are You Feeling "SAD" ?

Do you hate the long winter evenings?                                       Do you feel exhausted, anxious and depressed?                                                          Do you want to hibernate and overeat?                                      ...

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Compulsive Hoarding

We may be more aware of Compulsive Obsessive Hoarding after recent TV programmes have bought this condition into the lime light. Of course Hoarding or people's acquisition of things has been going on for very long time. It's a pattern of behaviour that allows excessive collecting of any item or animal. Often this is a secret obsession, the hoarder never allowing friends or family to see what has accumulated. He or she may not even admit to themselves they have a problem, and can justify why they have to keep these things. They often have no conception of how others view their life...

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Celebrating 5 wonderful years in Whitefiled

Celebrating 5 wonderful years in Whitefield Back in 2008, in the height of the credit crunch, a few therapists were tired of working for agencies that had so many rules and regulations, they decided to work for themselves and open a collective therapeutic company. Of course many frowned on us and thought we were crazy, who would pay for counselling when money was so tight! As they say in the movies 'If you build it, they will come'. We believed in what the counselling process could provide. As we knew, that if you're battling with issue's that you cannot cope with,...

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