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‘Sub-Cultures’ At Greater Risk Of Mental Health Issues

Keeping up with and challenging the latest research into mental health is what keeps our Manchester counselling service the best at what we do, so we read this new research from the University of Manchester with great interest. The results of the study suggest that members of alternative sub-cultures, including those that identify as ‘goth’, ‘emo’ or ‘metal’ are at greater risk of mental health issues which could culminate in self harm, according to Planet Radio. Dr Peter Taylor, who is a clinical psychologist at the university, said that it has long...

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Bereavement Counselling Improves Wellbeing, Study Finds

A study of 300 people conducted by Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland has found that having bereavement counselling can help people cope with grief and improve their overall wellbeing. STV News reported on the findings, which were gathered over the course of five years. The study has been able to show that those who receive counselling are better off than those who choose not to access help and rely instead on the passing of time to ease their grief. Chairwoman of the charity Christine McLintock commented: “This is breakthrough research because unresolved bereavement issues can have...

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How Can You Be Mindful at Work?

Your difficult work situation may be driving you to getting counselling in Manchester, but have you considered how you could try to be mindful at work as well? Over 12 million work days were lost to stress in 2016/17, and of course much of the stress experienced by workers may have been caused by the work itself. Common causes of stress at work include workloads, bullying, changes to working patterns and general work culture. If you are someone who is working in a difficult working environment and finding this has become an issue for your mental health, then you may want to try...

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Why Choose Pre-marriage Counselling?

The best couples counselling Manchester could have to offer could be a great choice for anyone about to get married. Having couples counselling ahead of marriage will help you to decide on important aspects of your future lives together with the help of a non-judgemental voice from someone who is not in the partnership. You can use this time to discuss the big issues that you will face in the future, when and how many children to have, where you will live, what your financial plans are, as well as ironing out niggles. It may also be a good idea to discuss how your relationship will work...

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Quarter Of Brits Face Financial Trouble In Emergencies

Personal finances are a major cause of stress for many people, and facing debt problems and work pressures is one of the main reasons why people seek out counselling in Manchester. This is because 25 per cent of Brits do not have money set aside for emergencies, so when something does go wrong, they are not able to cope financially. Recent findings from GoCompare Money reported that people only have £1,300 in savings, but as much as 42 per cent have less than £500 put aside should they have an unexpected cost, large bill, or lose their job. Consumer advocate at the firm...

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