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Weight Training 'Reduces Symptoms Of Depression', Says Study

When it comes to your mental health, opening up and talking to family, friends and especially counsellors in Manchester is one of the most effective ways to combat the effects it has on your life. Depression, of course, can be an extremely hard problem for a person to manage, as it affects their will and drive to make those choices.  Anything that could help relieve the symptoms of depression is worth consideration adopting in your day to day life, and one new study has found that weight training in particular may be effective. It's no secret that exercise has long been extolled...

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Govt’s Mental Health Plans For Young People Will ‘Fail A Generation’

The government is not doing enough to support young people in the UK, particularly those with mental health issues.   This is according to a report from both the Education and Health and Social Care Committees, which stated the government’s proposals to transform mental health care for children in England fell short of required standards.   In December, it revealed its Green Paper on Transforming Children and Yong People’s Mental Health Provision. Included in the report were suggestions to cut waiting time to four weeks, and provide mental health support and...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Could 'Help Regulate Emotions In Autistic Children'

In the past, many people who are on the autistic spectrum have been encouraged to seek out cognitive behaviour therapy in Manchester and beyond as a way to cope with anxiety connected to the condition. In fat, the National Autistic Society promotes cognitive behavioural therapy in this setting, However, a new study published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry this week has added another realm in which CBT treatments may be of huge benefit to the autistic community. The research, from York University's Faculty of Health, has found that with small children, CBT can not...

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Couples ‘Should Seek Counselling Earlier’

Couples who go for counselling after one of them has been unfaithful have left things too late, one expert has claimed. Speaking to the Daily Mail, sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein explained that by the time someone has had an affair, it is often too late to save a marriage, but added that counselling can be very beneficial. “Never feel ashamed for asking for help. This day and age relationships are a lot harder to have and we’re not all taught to know how to be in one,” she asserted. Dr Goldstein said that, ideally, you’d go for couples counselling in Manchester...

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How Workplaces Can Support People Returning To Work

Cognitive behavioural therapy in Manchester could be what you need in order to be able to get back to work as quickly as possible. If you have been off work due to mental health problems then you need to make sure that when you do return to work it happens in a way that is best for you. Companies can take a number of steps to ensure that people who have been off work due to mental health issues should be able to return to work with adequate support. Despite increased awareness of mental health conditions and the impact they may have on work, there are still a number of ways in which...

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