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Panic Attacks

What actually is a panic attack? An attack is an acute feeling of anxiety and fear, which may occur suddenly. So what induces a panic attack? What do they feel like? How dangerous are they? Some panic attacks can be brought on by focusing on a negative feelings or fear: this can be as far reaching as worrying about a presentation at work, or going into a crowded shopping centre. The nature of the fear is as individual as the person�s thoughts. When one focuses on the fear, the fear becomes more intense. The sufferer may feel an overpowering sense of anxiety and fear, thus causing the...

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How can gardening influence your mood?

For many years now we have been bombarded with information as to how to keep healthy. Gyms have been opening up all over the country, as we spend vast sums of money in the hope that exercise will keep us in good physical shape. Of course, go back 60 years or more, all the exercise we took came in the form of our daily routine. Human beings have an amazing ability to bend, stretch, carry, run, walk, sit, skip, and swim and all these movements come quite naturally to most of us. Actually, not only does our body enjoy and need movement to keep it in good condition, so does our mind. When we...

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Indian Head Massage - The History

The true origins of Indian Head Massage lie in the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda. It was developed by holy men (Rishis) from the Himalayan region of India around 1800BC. These holy men promoted living a holistic way of life using meditation, diet, exercise and massage, using herbal oils and hereby creating a harmony within ones whole self. Massage, having been part of daily life in India for thousands of years, is an acknowledged method of cleansing and maintaining the health of the body and is understood to be beneficial in achieving joy and inspiration. To this day,...

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What are you specializing in?

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