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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD, as it is sometimes called, is a repetitive obsessive disorder. These can be feelings, thoughts or behaviours that can be brought on by anxiety. As the anxiety heightens, so the obsessions become more pronounced. Avoidance techniques are often used when not wanting to confront the obsession, thus empowering the obsession into a greater fear. We all have negative and unpleasant thoughts from time to time, for most these thoughts fade away and other thoughts take thier place. People with OCD feel they cannot stop these negative thoughts, and they magnify in ones mind. Obsessions...

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Most people will experience a level of anxiety from time to time. These feelings can be brought on by fear when the outcome is unknown. Most feelings of anxiety will disappear when the event is over and you can continue with your life. Prolonged and repetitive feelings of anxiety are not natural behaviour. Anxiety can coexist with hot or cold sweats, feeling shaky and dizzy, and palpitations. All these symptoms are brought on by your thoughts of panic and anxiety. For many these fears seem very real, and can be disabling, which can dominates your life. Some examples of fears:- Health...

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Couples Counselling

In this ever increasing sociality we live in, relationships have become a huge casualty. Working, meeting dead lines, child care, caring for the elderly, running a home, the list goes on. We can often take relationships for granted, not realising that our most intimate relationships need attention and care. At any time a relationship can suffer from lack of input and communication. Neglecting a relationship can cause heart break, low self esteem, and feelings of loneliness, and hurt. It can affect our health and our identity, when we feel our relationship is failing. Whether married, in a...

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There are many types of abuse, this can be in relationships, whether between partners, siblings, adult and child, and friendships. There is also abuse in the work place, schools, and in the public sector. Jealousy, anger and fear can be the key factors for abuse. These are very powerful feelings, as a person may feel threatened, and then feel the need to attack. Abusers can find it difficult to acknowledge their behaviour a being unacceptable, thus finding it hard to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Abuse in a relationship it not always easy to...

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Understanding your sexuality

Going through puberty can be a confusing time for any of us, not only coping with the many body changes, but along with that our attitude about people, and who we may find attractive could change. As children we may like or love unconditionally, but as we grow and we become sexually aware. Attractions can and will change. For some people growing up and beyond, their own sexuality can be in question. Exploring your own sexuality can be very frightening, and confusing time. Peer pressure from family and friends can have a major influence on how a person believes they should behave and...

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