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Corporate Supervision

Supervision in the workplace or corporate supervision can be a very good choice when trying to improve both productivity and also harmony and balance to both employees and employers. By looking at various aspects of the working environment and also the ethos of the individual, it can assist in creating a far better  working relationship and also improves both self-esteem and pride in the work done. Corporate supervision can help to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps to identify better working practice. It has led to far greater involvement in both new ideas and also in...

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Using the written word to help us express our feelings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to express how you are feeling and finding the right words to express yourself can be frustrating.  When you don't know how to describe your inner feelings it can compound the anxiety of your emotions which in turn can lead to deeper issues and emotions struggling to find a voice.  By putting pen to paper, we can help ourselves explore any and all of these feelings and emotions in a safe and confidential way. There are many techniques we can use to help us face this inner turmoil and one way is to write down thoughts, feelings and emotions....

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Low Self-Esteem

Self Esteem and Confidence allow us to feel good about ourselves, be in control of our lives as well as being realistic in our views of ourselves. Confidence allows us to accept ourselves as we are and to continue to feel positive about ourselves even when our expectations are not met. We value ourselves and when our self-esteem is healthy we are more likely to cope with life's' problems and trust in our own ability. When we  suffer from low self-esteem, we are more likely to loose faith in ourselves, feel fearful, depend on other people's approval and expect negative...

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The loss of an unborn baby can be devastating. For the parents who were anticipating a healthy baby at the end of a nine month period, the shock and loss of the abrupt end of a pregnancy can lead to feelings of grief and bereavement. When a miscarriage of stillbirth happens, it may seem quite natural to look for a reason why this happened. Could you have done anything to prevent it? When grief affects us, we try to understand what is going on, maybe blame someone else, when the pain is too much to bear. A period of grieving is quite natural and healthy after a loss. Talking about your...

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When an unplanned pregnancy is discovered, it can be very confusing and frightening. What should one do? There may be many reasons why bringing a baby into the world right now would not be a welcome addition. Deciding on termination is very different for everyone. For some the decision is straight forward, a decision is made. For others the decision is more complex. There may be health risks, both mental and physical; there may be financial or family considerations. When considering a termination there is a time factor to take into account, which can add to the pressure of the...

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